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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you manufacture Zenith & CD Stromberg carburettors new?

A: Over time production of new Zenith & CD Stromberg carburettors has slowly stoppped as some components are not available. However we do have some 'new old stock' carburettors available, so if you contact us with your application and if possible the specification number we can check stock for you.

Q: Do you restore Zenith & CD Stromberg carburettors?

A: We only offer restoration on Cd Stromberg carburettors. Due to the wide variety of Zenith carburettors not all parts required to fully restore them are available. For CD restoration prices please click here.

Q: Are your parts suitable for modern fuel?

A: Yes our parts are suitable for modern fuels. As a company we have improved our products including fuel hose and floats to be compatible with fuel changes.

Q: How do i identify what carburettor i have?

A: With most Zenith, Solex & CD Stromberg carburettors the carburettor type is cast onto the body. In addition there should be a specification number on it which will confirm the application. This is either on an alloy tag attached to the carburettor or stamped on the top of the carburettor.

Q: How do i find the correct service or rebuild kit for my vehicle?

A: The easiest way to find the correct service or rebuild kit for your vehicle is by using the 'vehicle search' on our homepage. This way you are making sure you are selecting the right kit of parts rather than pickign a kit which is for that carburettor type but may not be suitable for your vehicle.

Q: Which needle adjusting tool do i require?

A: There are two different top adjustment needle tools used on CD carburettors that we manufacture. Earlier carburettors use the tool with the Aleen key head on it. Applications from 1977 onwards may employ a raised blade rather than an Allen key within the air valve.

Q: I am within the classic car trade how can i order & how can i get trade discount on your products ?

A: If you are with the classic car trade and wish to buy parts from us please email us at: trade@burlen.co.uk. Our website is currently setup for retail use and will not discount products for trade customers.